All You Need to Know about Food Styling with Artificial Food


Previously, food styling has been considered as trickery. It is the job of a stylist to create a perfect picture. Foods are presented in an incredible way through use of artificial food. Marks of the grills can be created perfectly with the assistance from the artificial food props. Poultry can be offered in the perfect fashion through the photos. Things can be presented in an adequate manner in the stage as well.

Utilization of special equipment can be observed for the making of artificial food props also known as sampuru. Presence of crumbs or any kind of imperfection may not be seen in the process. Camera ready plates are created in due course. Every photo cannot be considered fake. However, best possible display can be made with the artificial foods. Blemish free dishes always helps to attract more numbers of clients.

Similar kind of method has been utilized in advertisements. It is not possible to keep the food under the harsh lights for an extended amount of time. Therefore, use of artificial food is observed in most occasions. Completely natural look can be ensured if the fake food is obtained from a reputed and trusted manufacturer.

Lots of technological advantages have been taken by the advertisers over the years in order to present a product perfectly in front of the customer. Through artificial food props, another feather has been added to the cap. Popularity of photography with the artificial food prop has sky rocketed. Higher amount of expectation is seen from the food photography of professional nature. Therefore, a single mistake cannot be afforded. Level of attraction is certainly higher with these foods.

Even in the movies and stages, fake food has been utilized perfectly. It is not possible to use a real cup of coffee in a movie set. Chances of a spill can be observed on the occasion. Therefore, it is always better to go with the fake food props. Visual perfection can be offered to the audience in the process. In most occasions, same food is required on the set for several days. Same food cannot be retained as it may create a stink. Due to this reason, food models are used. Similar kind of situation can be experienced if an actor has taken a bite from the food. Marks are created on the food over time. As a result, fake food is the best option without any doubt.

Table can be created for dinner with these artificial foods as well. Prop managers are given responsibility to arrange and maintain these food props on the set. Due to advantages of the fake food, more and more people are leaning towards similar kind of stage presentation.

For the set or stage designer, there is nothing better than artificial food props. Higher amount of production value can be ensured in the process. Cost of stage production can be reduced as the props can be retained in the sets for longer amount of time. There is no need to change the food items on the stage or set time and again.

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